Timer for Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer (Digital/Mechanical)
Timer for Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer (Digital/Mechanical)

Timer for Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Transformer (Digital/Mechanical)

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Navigate the nuances of outdoor ambiance with our versatile range of landscape lighting timers, available in both digital and mechanical (analog) formats. These timers are the quintessential accessory for managing your outdoor lighting setup, effortlessly scheduling the illumination of your landscape to suit your lifestyle. Digital timers offer precision control with programmable settings, allowing you to customize on and off times down to the minute, perfect for dynamic lighting scenes or energy efficiency. For those who prefer simplicity and reliability, our mechanical timers provide a straightforward approach to scheduling, using physical dials to set your lighting's operation. Both are engineered to withstand the elements, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain beautifully lit year-round, exactly when you want them to be.

Quality Meets Craftsmanship

Each of our outdoor landscape light fixtures are uniquely engineered to fulfill a specific need in outdoor lighting — from our high-performance LED spotlights to pathway lights designed to be equally functional and beautiful.

Americana FAQs

When you choose to shop with Americana Outdoor Lighting, you are choosing to support an American outdoor landscape manufacturer — bringing more jobs to the U.S. and more support of your local community!

Where do you ship?

Currently, we ship throughout the entire U.S. and we are looking to expand internationally in the coming months.

How soon will I receive my outdoor lighting?

Most of our catalogue is pre-built and stored in our Tampa warehouse offering same day or next day shipping on most orders — meaning you will get your lights in approximately 3-5 days in most cases. Our online ordering system will send you shipping confirmation, tracking numbers, and delivery information natively.

What if I have issues with my light fixtures?

We pre-test all lights before leaving our warehouse to ensure quality and functionality, but occasionally — lighting may have issues. Thankfully, all of our lighting comes with warranties, offering peace of mind and quick, hassle-free replacements if ever needed.

Why should I trust you for my outdoor landscape lighting needs?

We're bias, but, we think we're one of the best outdoor landscape light suppliers in the country. Our team has over 30+ years of landscape lighting experience, so we understand and work to solve the challenges that our dealers have within their markets. Beyond great products, pricing, shipping, and support — we genuinely care about you and your customers.