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Shop wall lighting from Americana Outdoor Lighting for American-built wall wash lights to brighten any exterior wall offering an accent light for architecture and security purposes. Our wall wash lighting can make a great addition to any outdoor landscape lighting system.

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About Americana's Wall Wash Lights

Brighten up your exterior ambiance with Americana Outdoor Lighting's high-quality wall wash lights, impeccably designed and manufactured in America with CNC precision. Our outdoor wall lights are engineered to cast a gentle, even light that beautifully illuminates the architectural features of your home or office.

Lighten your home’s facade with our modern outdoor wall wash lights. Our LED drop-in wall washers, offer a flexible, energy-efficient solution that will fit seamlessly into any aesthetic.

With Americana Outdoor Lighting, experience a blend of functionality and style that transforms your outdoor spaces into welcoming havens of light. Opt for our sophisticated lighting solutions to bring your home's exterior to life, merging durability with a flawless finish.

Learn About Wall Lighting

If you are looking for more information about exterior wall lighting, you've found it! We have answered the most common questions about wall wash lighting to help wall light installers working on commercial and residential lighting projects.

What lighting is best for outdoor wall wash?

For effective wall wash lighting, the choice of fixtures is pivotal to achieve that seamless glow across your walls. The most recommended types of lighting for wall washing are LED wall washersflood lights, and track lighting. Each option serves a specific purpose and setup, ensuring your architectural features are perfectly highlighted.

LED wall washers are particularly prized for their efficiency and uniform light distribution. They are capable of casting a broad and even light that can smooth out irregularities on the surface of a wall, making the space appear more expansive and welcoming. This type of lighting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing the architectural details without the harshness of direct lighting.

When it comes to outdoor applications, flood lights provide a powerful and wide-reaching light that can illuminate larger facades or exterior walls. These are excellent for creating dramatic effects, especially in landscape lighting, where you want to highlight textures or features like stonework or sculptures.

Lastly, track lighting offers versatility with adjustable fixtures that can be angled to achieve the desired wall washing effect. This flexibility makes it suitable for gallery settings or retail spaces, where you might need to regularly adjust the lighting to suit new displays or features.

Incorporating these lighting options from Americana Outdoor Lighting can transform your exterior and interior spaces into visually striking areas, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are looking to create a subtle backdrop or a dramatic impact, choosing the right type of wall wash lighting is crucial.

What is exterior wall washing?

Wall wash lighting, particularly in external environments, is a sophisticated lighting technique designed to create a uniform and broad illumination on outdoor walls. This method is used to enhance the architectural features of a building by flooding its exterior surfaces with light, effectively 'washing' them with illumination.

The principle behind wall washing is to use indirect lighting positioned at strategic distances from the wall. By casting a wide beam of light that evenly covers the surface, this technique minimizes shadows and flaws, making the facade appear smoother and more uniform. This is particularly impactful on large, flat exteriors where the goal is to brighten the space and make it appear larger and more open.

External wall wash lighting is best applied using fixtures like LED wall washers and flood lights, which can cover large areas with their broad and powerful beams. The positioning of these lights is crucial; they are often placed either at the base of the wall to shine upward or high on the wall to shine downward, creating a comprehensive coverage that highlights the texture and color of the building materials without casting harsh shadows.

This lighting technique is not only about aesthetics but also functionality. Wall washing can increase the perceived security of a building by eliminating dark spots where intruders could hide. It's commonly employed in both residential and commercial properties, enhancing everything from modern homes to historical buildings, making it an essential aspect of landscape and architectural lighting design.

What is the effect of outdoor wall washer lights?

The effect of wall washer lighting when applied externally is transformative, casting a uniform light that enhances the aesthetic and functional aspects of a building’s exterior. Wall washers create a soothing and expansive light effect that can dramatically accentuate the architectural features of a building, making design details pop and flattening imperfections on the surfaces.

This lighting technique works by illuminating the wall from top to bottom, or from one side to the other, ensuring that the light is evenly distributed across the surface. The result is a smooth, continuous glow that seems to broaden the wall’s dimensions, making the space appear larger and more open. This is especially effective on broader facades where the goal is to bring attention to the structure's design and color without overwhelming the features.

Externally, wall washing serves multiple purposes beyond just aesthetics. It increases visibility and safety around buildings, reducing shadows and dark corners where security issues might arise. It also promotes a welcoming ambiance, which is crucial for commercial properties looking to attract visitors or customers after dark.

In terms of landscaping and outdoor spaces, wall washers can be used to enhance the integration of a building with its natural surroundings or to spotlight garden walls and fences, merging built environments with landscaped areas seamlessly. The overall effect is one of cohesion and visual depth, making wall washer lights a powerful tool in both architectural and landscape lighting designs.

Is an outdoor spotlight better than a wall washer?

Spotlights are ideal for focusing light on a specific area or object, such as highlighting artwork, architectural features, or landscape elements. They create a concentrated beam of light that can be directed to pinpoint locations, adding drama and intensity to the illuminated object. This makes spotlights perfect for feature lighting, where the aim is to draw attention to particular details or create focal points in both indoor and outdoor settings.

On the other hand, wall washers provide a more diffuse light that spreads evenly across a broad surface. They are designed to softly illuminate large wall areas, reducing shadows and uneven lighting, which helps in making a space feel larger and more open. Wall washers are excellent for creating a uniform aesthetic and can enhance the architectural lines of a building or structure without the harshness that can come with more focused lights.

Comparing the Two:

  • Application Versatility: Spotlights are more versatile in terms of application since they can be adjusted to target different spots as needed. Wall washers, however, are typically set to illuminate wide areas with less precision.
  • Aesthetic Impact: Spotlights can create more dramatic and artistic effects by focusing intensely on their targets, which can be ideal for display settings or accentuating key features of a landscape or building. Wall washers create a subtle, uniform effect that enhances texture without creating a focal point.
  • Coverage: Wall washers cover more area with a softer dispersion of light, making them suitable for general lighting over large flat surfaces. Spotlights provide intense, narrow lighting suitable for highlighting smaller, distinct areas.

The choice between a spotlight and a wall washer should be guided by the intended use:

  • Use spotlights for accent lighting when you want to draw attention to specific elements or objects.
  • Choose wall washers when the goal is to uniformly light up large areas to make them feel more expansive and to enhance the overall ambiance without specific focal points.

Each type of lighting offers unique benefits, and in many architectural and landscape designs, using a combination of both can be effective in achieving a layered and dynamic lighting environment.