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Elevate your outdoor ambiance with Americana Outdoor Lighting's incredible selection of American-built outdoor lighting fixtures. Shop our CNC-machined low voltage outdoor lighting.

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Learn About Outdoor Lighting

Looking for more information about outdoor lighting? Read answers to several of the most frequently asked questions relating to outdoor lighting and outdoor light installation for business and homeowners looking to install outdoor lighting.

What type of lighting is best for outdoors?

For enhancing outdoor spaces, selecting the right type of lighting is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. Outdoor lighting encompasses a wide range of fixtures designed to improve home security, safety, and the overall beauty of exterior spaces at night.

From the versatile use of outdoor spotlights to illuminate architectural features and landscaping to the ambient glow of string lights for social gatherings, there's a lighting solution for every need.

Solar lights offer a sustainable and cost-effective option, harnessing sunlight to power the lights and potentially reducing energy bills over time. For those seeking robust illumination, security and flood lights with motion sensors provide a high-intensity, broad-beamed light that deters unwanted activity and enhances safety. The color temperature of outdoor lighting, measured in Kelvin, also plays a significant role in setting the right ambiance, with lower Kelvin numbers offering a warm, welcoming glow and higher numbers producing cooler, more alerting light.

Understanding the various types of light bulbs, from energy-efficient LED bulbs to traditional incandescent options, allows for a tailored approach to outdoor lighting that meets specific needs and preferences. Whether it's lighting up a pathway for safety or creating a cozy atmosphere for outdoor living spaces, the right outdoor lighting fixtures can transform any home's exterior into a well-lit, inviting space.

How do I choose the best outdoor lights?

When selecting the best outdoor lights for your home, consider the durability, size, intended location, types (including post lights, wall lights, hanging and ceiling lights, landscape lights, and security lights), and the style and color that match your home's aesthetics and functional needs. Durability is key, as materials like aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper offer varying levels of longevity and resistance to elements.

Size matters when choosing outdoor lighting fixtures that complement your space without overpowering it. The installation location influences whether you need dry, damp, or wet-rated fixtures, depending on exposure to elements.

Several types of outdoor lights serve different purposes, from enhancing pathways to improving security. Finally, select a style and color that aligns with your home's architecture and color scheme, ensuring your outdoor lighting enhances curb appeal both day and night.

How many lumens should my outdoor light be?

When it comes to optimizing outdoor lighting for various spaces around your home, understanding the appropriate lumens is key to achieving the perfect balance between functionality and ambiance. Lumens, a measure of light output, directly influence how bright your outdoor lights will be.

  • For specific outdoor needs, here's a quick guide:

    Step lights: Ideal for illuminating steps for safety, you should aim for about 12-100 lumens.
    - Hardscape lights (on walls): To accentuate architectural features or walls, 50-185 lumens will suffice.
    Landscape lights: For general garden lighting, anywhere between 50-300 lumens is recommended.
    Path lights: Lighting pathways effectively requires 100-200 lumens, ensuring visibility without overwhelming brightness.
    Landscape spotlights: To highlight garden features or plants, around 120 lumens is preferred.
    Lamp posts: For driveway or garden pathways, 120-180 lumens will provide adequate illumination.
    Pond/pool lights: To enhance water features, 200-400 lumens create a magical effect.
    Motion sensor lights: For security lighting that activates upon movement, 300-700 lumens offer a significant alert level.
    Flood lights: The brightest option for large area security or feature lighting, requiring 700-1300 lumens for maximum effectiveness.

    The placement of outdoor lighting and the specific purpose — whether for security, safety, or ambiance — will dictate the required lumens. Darker areas may necessitate higher lumens, while decorative lights can afford to be dimmer. Always consider the role of the lighting in your outdoor space to select the appropriate lumens for a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Why does CNC-machined outdoor lighting matter?

Using CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machined lights, like those produced by Americana Outdoor Lighting, brings unparalleled quality and durability to outdoor lighting fixtures. CNC machining allows for precise automation in the manufacturing process, resulting in fixtures of exceptional quality. The ability to program machines with exact coordinates leads to the creation of complex and highly accurate designs, ensuring each fixture meets stringent quality standards.

The advantages of CNC machined fixtures extend beyond precision; they are crafted from high-grade materials such as 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and solid brass, offering superior resistance to corrosion and ensuring longevity even in harsh environments. This method of manufacturing supports intricate designs that not only function efficiently but also add aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces, enhancing the visual sophistication of the landscape.

In essence, CNC machined outdoor lights from Americana Outdoor Lighting represent the pinnacle of outdoor lighting solutions, offering durability, aesthetic appeal, and the assurance of a product built to last, reflecting a significant advancement in lighting technology and design.