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Walkway Light Fixtures

Shop walkway lighting from Americana Outdoor Lighting to elevate and enhance the aesthetics, security, and safety of walkways around your home or office. Businesses, homeowners, and professional walkway light installers will appreciate the care and craft that goes into our manufactured walkway lighting fixtures.

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Walkway Lighting

About Americana's Walkway Lights

Brighten your walkways with the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with Americana Outdoor Lighting's collection of walkway lights.

From path lights to accent lights, your walkways deserve to be appreciated. Our walkway lighting solutions offer the balance you need to illuminate your walkways without overwhelming them. We understand that when it comes to lighting a walkway, you need more than just any light — you need the right light!

Our goal with walkway lighting is to transform the space, not just light it. Our certified walkway light installers can help you design the perfect outdoor lighting ambiance for your pathways. Whether garden walkways or lighting your entry walkway, our pros have the skills and experience needed to get your job done!

Americana Outdoor Lighting's walkway lighting fixtures are designed to be both functional and durable. Rest-assured that your American-built outdoor lights will withstand many years and any type of weather.

Choose Americana Outdoor Lighting for your walkway lighting needs and embrace the beauty, security, and craftsmanship of our custom walkway lights..

Learn About Walkway Lighting

Are you looking to dive deep into the world of walkway lighting? We've answered some of the most popular questions from professional light installers and homeowners looking to install walkway lighting.

What type of lighting is used for walkways?

For walkways, you can use a number of different types of outdoor lighting to create a functional and inviting experience. Outdoor path lights are a popular choice when lighting a walkway because of their style and the quality of light emitted. Even within the path light category, you have LED pathway lights, solar path lights, and wired pathway lights as variations.

Whether you're lighting a commercial or residential walkway may also influence the type of walkway light you choose. For instance, bollard path lights are an excellent source of light for walkways, but they are also sleek and elegant offering standalone, aesthetic value.

Walkway lights can also come in a variety of finishes like copper, aluminum, and brass. Offering varying styles and durability.

In short, you have many options for walkway lighting, and the variety covers both function, lifespan, and aesthetics.

How do you light a walkway?

To light a walkway effectively requires finding the perfect balance between appearance and function. You want the walkway to be well-lit but not completely washed in light.

Lighting a walkway starts with a good plan for strategically placing walkway lights along your pathway. This plan involves understanding how the lighting will affect the surrounding landscape and architecture.

After designing the layout for your walkway lighting, you'll need to also consider the type and style of walkway lighting that you want. From LED walkways lights to downlights, you have several options of walkway lights.

Other considerations to help you light a walkway include the heigh of the walkway lights and the physical distance between path lights.

Carefully considering and understanding all the above will offer you the foundation needed to light any walkway — but, the preferred choice when lighting a walkway might be to hire a walkway lighting professional, who comes with years of experience and knowledge on walkway lighting.

How much does walkway lighting cost?

Walkway lighting costs can very depending on the approach and scope of your walkway. Typical ranges can be $50-$250 per fixture and $2,000-$4,500 for a professionally installed walkway lighting system.

DIYers can find more affordable solutions to lighting a walkway which may approach $150 a light. Whether you choose LED walkway lightslow-voltage outdoor lights, or solar lighting can all impact the initial and ongoing costs of walkway lighting, too.

The final cost of walkway lighting is influenced by many factors including the type of light, the power source, installation area, and labor costs in your area. Working with a professional walkway light installer on a quote is the best way to get the most accurate cost of your walkway lighting project.