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Outdoor Landscape LED Lights

About Americana's LED Lights

Give your outdoor space a face-lift with new outdoor LED lights from Americana Outdoor Lighting. Our selection of LED lighting solutions can transform your landscape, pool deckgarden, and other outdoor space into a beautiful haven that highlights the landscape and architecture while also adding safety and security.

Our collection of LED outdoor lights offers the same longevity and efficiency of LED lights in a sleek and elegant design crafted in America using CNC-machinery. This blend between quality and craftsmanship will elevate any landscape lighting project.

Americana Outdoor Lighting has everything you need for a comprehensive outdoor LED lighting installation project. Contact one of our vetted outdoor LED ligh installers today to get a quote on our LED lights for your landscape lighting project.

Learn About LED Lighting

Looking to get more information about landscape LED lights? Here are several outdoor LED lighting FAQs to help you learn what LED lighting is and why it's important for landscape light installers and business or homeowners looking to install outdoor lighting.

What LED light is best for outdoors?

The best LED light for outdoor areas involves finding the right balance of efficiencydurability, and temperature to deliver the benefits of LED lighting along with the desired ambiance of your outdoor area. Outdoor LED lights are more energy efficient and last longer than many of their counterparts — making them an excellent choice for business or homeowners looking to add better external lighting on their property.

There are many options with outdoor LED Lights and a variety of uses, too. From LED path lights to outdoor LED spotlights, you can typically find an LED light for whatever outdoor lighting project you have.

Some common types of outdoor LED lights include:

  • LED Floodlights: Offer broad, powerful illumination for security and large area coverage.
  • LED Path Lights: Provide a safe, inviting glow along walkways
  • LED Wall Lights: Enhance building facades and ensure perimeter security
  • LED String Lights: Add a whimsical touch to gatherings.
  • LED Landscape Lights: Focused on highlighting landscape features.

When deciding which LED light is best for outdoors, it hinges on your specific needs. The type of LED light and temperature to deliver the best result is subjective and based on your unique needs. That's why, it's best to talk with a professional LED light installer to determine exactly what the best LED light is for you and your outdoor space.

Should outdoor lights be LED?

Yes, outdoor lights should be LED. There are many advantage to outdoor LED lights highlighted by their energy efficiency — consuming 15% of the electricity that halogen or incandescent options use.

This efficiency leads to tangible savings for business and homeowners, especially when installing an extensive outdoor lighting system.

Beyond efficiency, LED outdoor lights are also durable and can last between 50,000-100,000 hours — much longer than other outdoor lighting fixtures. This helps with maintenance costs and lighting downtime.

LED lights also have several options for outdoor lighting that revolve around brightness, color, and temperature — giving you more control over the lighting experience.

All these reasons make a compelling case for all outdoor lighting to be LED lights.

How much do outdoor LED lights cost?

The cost of outdoor LED lights, especially when professionally installed as part of a landscape lighting system, can vary by the type of LED light fixtures, scope of the lighting project, and your location.

Most outdoor LED lighting projects range between $3,000-$4,000 for a roughly 800-yard external space.

LED light fixtures can range as well from $50 to several hundred dollars depending on the brand, finish, and lighting type.

The initial investment in LED lamps, wires, transformers, and professional installation labor can significantly enhance your home's aesthetics, safety, and security which can have an immediate and long-term return on that investment.

LED outdoor lights can also have financial benefits through energy consumption savings and longer lifespan than traditional outdoor lighting alternatives.

With LED technology, you can enjoy fewer maintenance expenses as well, making LED outdoor lights a smart and fiscally responsible long-term investment.