About Americana Outdoor Lighting

At Americana Outdoor Lighting, our mission extends beyond simply lighting outdoor spaces — we want to light every yard in America. Our tagline is "America looks better at night" because we truly believe in the transformation that outdoor lighting can have on homes, businesses, landscapes and more!

Founded with a deep-rooted commitment to American craftsmanship, Americana Outdoor Lighting stands as a testament to quality, durability, and innovation in the outdoor landscape lighting space. Our headquarters is in Tampa, Florida — but our reach is all across the country thanks to our vetted community of landscape light installers who have chosen to join Team Americana and our mission to light America!

A Digital-First Approach

We live in the digital-age with everyone working off their smartphones and ordering online — so, we are designing Americana Outdoor Lighting as a digital-first outdoor light partner. We want to simplify the process for our installers and give them a seamless online interface to place, track, and manage orders. Our dealers will also gain access to a growing digital library of educational resources tailored to the landscape lighting space. Finally, we are building out a robust support ecosystem that includes 24/7 access to order support and a network of dealers for peer-to-peer mentoring.

Quality Products that Last a Lifetime

Understanding the evolving needs of landscapes and the professionals who design them, we've harnessed decades of expertise to develop lighting solutions that adapt to changing environments and grow alongside your designs. Our products  are engineered to withstand the test of time, reflecting our dedication to creating fixtures that illuminate your projects now and in the years to come.

But we're more than just a manufacturer; we're a community builder. Americana Outdoor Lighting is crafting a digital ecosystem for landscape lighting professionals — a place where ordering is streamlined, support is available around the clock, and education on lighting development is at your fingertips. We're cultivating a community where ideas can flourish, and experiences are shared, all while championing the values of hometown pride and American craftsmanship.