Americana Outdoor Lighting is an authentic American Built manufacturer of exterior outdoor lighting fixtures, transformers and other landscape and architectural lighting products. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

Whether your goal is to illuminate private gardens, public landscapes, or offer night-time aesthetics for social events, outdoor lighting provides safety and ambience. We realize landscape lighting professionals require aiming flexibility in the field because of plant growth and continually evolving environments – lighting designers need it now, next year, and continuing on forever.

Our owner and engineers have decades of repetition with landscape lighting equipment as well as valuable knowledge working directly with lighting contractors in all parts of the country. This offers essential awareness required to build products that last a LIFE-TIME. Our perspective eliminates generations of challenges plaguing traditional outdoor lighting.

Our Hometown Pride begins with bringing job opportunities and pride in craftmanship back to America. We are excited to share our high-quality Machined outdoor lighting at a great price with you. It is the catalyst and commitment to manufacturing all our products in the United States. We wish both you and your customers enjoyment of our products for decades to come.

~God Bless the USA~